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Laser Vein Removal

Laser vein removal is the ideal solution for dealing with unattractive leg veins, spider veins, and other vascular lesions, such as port wine stains and red moles. FDA-cleared and scientifically proven, laser vein removal is a non-invasive method that removes unwanted veins without the use of chemical solutions or surgical incisions. Laser vein removal treatments are safe, well-tolerated, and require no downtime. Best of all, the results are long lasting, and the vein is gone for good, restoring the confidence that comes from loving the skin you’re in. We can develop a personalized treatment plan for you during your complimentary consultation.

Candidates for Laser Vein Removal

Patients may consider laser vein removal treatment to address the following concerns:

  • Leg veins
  • Spider veins (telangiectasias)
  • Port wine stains
  • Angiomas (red moles)
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How Laser Vein Removal Works

Laser vein removal uses state-of-the-art laser technology to target the hemoglobin within a diseased vein. The laser penetrates the skin to reach the underlying vein or vascular lesion. Pigment found within the hemoglobin absorbs the light energy, heating the blood within the vein and causing it to clot. Blocking off the vein’s blood supply causes the vessel to die and gradually be absorbed by the body.
To offer our patients the best experience and results possible, Park Avenue Medical Spa utilizes the Vasculaze laser system from InMode. Vasculaze uses a diode laser system and is specifically designed with high peak power to target hemoglobin in the unwanted veins, providing treatments that are faster, safer, and more effective than other laser systems.

Treatments can easily be performed during your lunch break. During your procedure, we will do everything possible to ensure your comfort. The Vasculaze system incorporates a built-in cooling device that eliminates most of the pain associated with laser vein treatment, and most patients report the procedure to be well-tolerated.

Recovery After Laser Vein Removal

There is no recovery time necessary after your laser vein removal treatment. You can return to your regular activities immediately after your appointment. Make sure to protect your skin from the sun to maintain the quality of your results.

The treated veins may appear slightly redder immediately after your session, but the redness should dissipate fairly quickly.

Laser Vein Removal Results

While the appearance of the treated veins may significantly diminish following one treatment, most patients opt for several sessions to achieve optimal results. Once the body absorbs the vein, it does not come back, producing long-lasting results.

Fotona for Vein Treatments

Fotona can also be used to treat vascular concerns like spider veins without damaging the surrounding healthy skin.

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