microblading in westchester

Microblading in Westchester: Permanent Makeup for the Perfect Brow

Microblading provides the “perfect” eyebrow using semi-permanent makeup that can fully reconstruct the eyebrow or simply extend the eyebrow or camouflage hair gaps. Also known as “feathering,” Microblading applies naturally looking strokes of pigment to the brow area.  Microblading treatments are fast, convenient, and require no downtime. Best of all, our skilled makeup artist draws upon years of experience to skillfully apply each stroke, so your eyebrow looks completely natural, perfectly tinted, and beautifully shaped.

For beautiful, full eyebrows, contact Park Avenue Medical Spa today and learn more from the premier provider of Microblading in Westchester County.

Benefits of Microblading:

  • Full, natural looking eyebrows
  • Fill in hair gaps and cover scars
  • Extend your natural brow
  • Long lasting results
  • Fast treatments with no downtime
  • Perfect for people with allergies to makeup
  • Ideal for individuals suffering from alopecia or hair loss

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a type of semi-permanent makeup used to reconstruct or enhance your brow using natural looking strokes of pigment. During a Microblading treatment, your skilled makeup artist from Park Avenue Medical Spa will meticulously build your brow, one strand at a time, using semi-permanent ink. This allows your technician to perfectly customize the fullness, color, and shape of your eyebrow. Typically, strokes are layered to create a full, realistic looking aesthetic.

Is Microblading permanent?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing, but it is not permanent like traditional tattoos or other types or permanent makeup that deposit pigment deep into the dermis. During a Microblading treatment, the pigment is deposited superficially, penetrating only the top layers of the dermis. Typically, Microblading results will last up to 18 months, though results may vary.*

Does Microblading hurt?

Most patients report no Microblading pain during their treatment. To ensure your comfort, your technician may apply numbing cream to the area prior to the application of the pigment.

Microblading near me:

If you want natural looking, long lasting eyebrows that are full and ideally shaped, Microblading may be right for you. Learn more by calling Park Avenue Medical Spa, the premier provider of Microblading in Westchester at 914-730-3333  or sign up for a complementary consultation online today.


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