PRP – Vampire Facial

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prp - vampire facial

PRP Vampire Facial

NEW this fall at Park Avenue Medical Spa. This treatment combines the benefits of microneedling and PRP. Microneedling is a procedure using tiny needles which rotate at high speed and create microscopic skin injuries. This will stimulate the body’s healing mechanism by producing firmer, tighter smother skin. The addition of the Platelet Rich Plasma obtained from your own blood will enhance the process and promote the growth of healthier new tissue. Do not let the term “facial” mislead you and ask about applying this treatment to your neck, chest or hands. It will have the same rejuvenating effects.

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma is a very active cellular concentrate obtained from your blood. Our processing system will produce a serum with over 1.1 million active growth factors and over 9 million bioactive regenerative cells. This is over 7 times the level found in one’s blood and it is the concentration that provides the desired clinical outcome. These cells present in this potent preparation is specific to your own tissue type and can quickly identify and regenerate your collagen, elastin and any other potent cells need to enhance the rejuvenation process.
Is this treatment safe?

This treatment provides a very powerful mixture of bioactive cells 100% safe and compatible with your own tissues. There is absolutely zero chance of hypersensitivity or allergic reaction. The concentrated serum with your own blood elements will stimulate a natural regeneration of the cells needed to rejuvenate your skin.
How is it applied?

The vampire facial should only be performed by a trained medical professional. The injection technique is specific to each area, such as radial fanning or linear threading. Other techniques like cross hatching and serial puncture can also be utilized where deemed necessary.
Topical anesthesia is performed prior to the procedure and the injections are done so that there is adequate coverage of all areas of interest and the discomfort is minimal.

How do you prepare for the procedure?

Prior to the vampire facial you will meet with the physician and have a detailed consultation. We will determine your concerns and how to best address them. We will determine the areas to be injected, and will delineate the best treatment option for you.
Prior to treatment you need to:

1. Avoid blood thinners
2. Hydrate well
3. Avoid NSAIDs

What to expect?

After this procedure you will feel instantly the rejuvenating effects of the PRP.

You may feel a flushing or tingling sensation. This autologous preparation will provide all the necessary factors to stimulate all the elements in your skin or scalp to rejuvenate and regenerate.

This preparation acts as a stimulant for the stem cell and will continue to give results over next weeks and months.

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