The Role of PRP in Hair Restoration

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prp for hair restoration


Role of PRP in hair restoration

There is more supporting evidence of the role of PRP (platelet rich plasma) in hair loss. The mechanism of action is not clearly understood. Some of the research available indicates that the release of growth factors from the platelets at the time of injection into the scalp, can prolong anagen (first part of the hair cell cycle), promote differentiation of stem cells to follicular cells, increase the growth of the dermal papillae and increase cell survival.

All these will result in an increase in hair density, hair count and hair thickness.

PRP in hair restoration

We have already noticed that intradermal injection of PRP stimulates collagen, capillary and adipocyte growth in the dermis, thus its application in facial rejuvenation (meso injections or microneedeling ).

Androgenic alopecia is seen in about 30% of men over 30, 50% of men over 50 and it is common in postmenopausal females. It is characterized by genetically determined gradual loss and miniaturization of the normally thick hair follicle.

The cell cycle of hair consists of anagen which lasts anywhere from 2-5 yrs., catagen a few days to a few weeks and telogen lasting about 3 mo.
There is a multitude of causes for hair loss but in our practice we see mostly men suffering from androgenic alopecia and females with female pattern hair loss.

Other causes include nutritional deficiencies, infection, autoimmune causes or genetic.

The treatment is generally directed to induction of anagen, prolongation of anagen, or reduction of the levels of dihydrotestosterone.
The most common treatments, include, Minoxidil which is known to increase anagen, enhances dermal vascularity, and has direct antiapoptotic effects.

Finasteride reduces the levels of dihydrotestosterone and prolongs anagen.
Hair transplants are increasing in popularity. They are recommended for both men and women and now automated. The procedures are well tolerated with practically no down time.

The treatment with PRP is performed once per month. The blood is collected into special tubes which contain a separator gel and it is then centrifuged. This will produce the platelet rich plasma which will then be injected in the dermis in the area of thinning or balding. The treatment is repeated generally two more times at one month interval,

The results can be seen after the first treatment but more often several months after the treatments are completed.
Most patients will notice an increase in hair density, and increase in hair count and hair thickness.

The treatment is recommended for patients who are experiencing hair loss but also for those who underwent hair transplants and want to improve or just maintain what thy achieved.

Recently the “Morning Show” on ABC featured the treatment. You can click on the link below to watch the clip.

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