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Non-Surgical Face Lift | PDO Threads + Silhouette Instalift

Thread lifting is a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment that uses biodegradable sutures to instantly lift facial skin and progressively add volume to the mid-face region. This popular non-surgical facelift is FDA cleared and demonstrably effective at tightening sagging skin to restore a youthful, rejuvenated appearance. Treatments are quick, typically requiring less than 45 minutes, are relatively painless and require little downtime. Results look natural and provide both instant and progressive improvements for long lasting, anti-aging effects.

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  • The procedure is safe, no down time and no surgery.
  • It can be done under local anesthesia and generally it will only take 30 minutes of your time.*
  • There is no scar, no swelling.
  • The result is immediate and long lasting.
  • The presence of the threads are thought to trigger collagenesis and as the threads are reabsorbed you will benefit from the new collagen present in your skin.
  • Reduces sagging, tighter contours which can last up to 2 years.*
  • Reversal of their effect is possible quite easy with any RF or IPL device

What is Thread Lifting?

Thread lifting is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that uses temporary sutures as a non-surgical alternative to a face-lift. Thread lifting, also known as suspension sutures refers to a painless, fast procedure where threads are introduced into the skin, to act as a “scaffold” for the skin which helps to “hold” the skin against the effects of gravity. The procedure itself is considered a non-surgical technique because there is no incision or traditional cutting of the skin. Tiny entry holes are made into the areas where the threads will be inserted. The procedure itself takes approx. 10-45 minutes depending on how many areas will be treated.* Local Anesthesia ensures a relatively painless treatment.

Thread lifting improves the appearance of sagging facial skin and redefines mid-facial contours in two ways:

Immediate Lifting

Thread lifting is considered a non-surgical facelift because of it provides dramatic and immediate lifting of mid-face tissue, similar to a surgical facelift. However, Instead of removing excess skin, like a surgical facelift does, thread lifting suspends the skin with biodegradable sutures, pulling the skin up and back for an instant lifting, tightening effect.

Gradual Volume

Thread lifting also provides progressive results that gradually restore volume by triggering the regeneration of collagen. Threads stimulate subcutaneous tissue to activate fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are cells that generate connective tissue such as collagen, the structural protein that acts as dermal scaffolding, keeping skin firm, plump, and fortified against the effects of gravity. By stimulating the production of more collagen, threads restore volume, contour, and an overall more youthful appearance. Best of all, these anti-aging results are natural looking and long lasting.

What are PDO Threads?

Nu-Mesh® PDO sutures are the latest and revolutionary treatment for skin tightening and lifting. The threads are made of PDO (polydioxanone) material, which is similar to the threads used in surgical stitches; PDO sutures will continuously stimulate collagen synthesis under skin. When inserted into the skin, the PDO threads act as a “scaffold” for the skin, which helps to “hold” the skin against the effects of gravity and aging. The “mesh” of threads will also shape the face by lifting and supporting sagging structures. These thread sutures are absorbable in 4-6 months leaving nothing behind but the skin structure created which typically continues to give results for up to 2 years.*

There are two different types of PDO threads used in a Non-Surgical Facelift:

  1. Suspension, Smooth Threads- These threads need to be attached to a firm surface such as the scalp or face.
  2. Barbed Threads (Cogged) – This variety of threads have tiny cogs within the thread itself and attach to the skin itself. They are used primarily for lifting. The number of threads used depends on the area being treated, i.e. full face 18-20 threads, checks 2-3 each.

What is Silhouette Instalift?

Like PDO threads, Silhouette Instalift is comprised of biocompatible sutures that lift and tighten facial skin. However, unlike PDO threads that are either smooth or barbed, Silhouette Instalift uses a different type of thread that are engineered with tiny “cones,” designed to grab the tissue. This optimizes the threads to gather more tissue for better lifting of the jowls and skin in the cheek area.

Overall, Silhouette Instalift may provide better lift, while PDO threads are known for better stimulating collagen for progressive volumization.


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Thread Face Lifting is suited for patients  who are experiencing the traditional signs of aging such as sagging in their face and loss of volume. Thread Lifting can create a dramatic improvement to any area of the face which needs a lifting effect. Typically, the desirable effects take place from immediate to over the subsequent 2- 3 weeks. Additional improvement will occur over time as a result of the collagen stimulating effect of the threads.*


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PDO Threads can be used for lifting forehead lines, flaccid eyelid tissue, lower eyelids, cheeks, nasolabial folds, lip commissure, skin furrows (neck and cheek wrinkles), jowls, double chin, cleavage, and other parts of the body

Non-Surgical Thread Lifting Near Me

Find out if thread lifting is the ideal non-surgical facelift option for you by contacting Park Avenue Medical Spa online or by calling (914) 730-3333 today. As the premier provider of thread lifting in Westchester County, Park Avenue Medical Spa can lift and volumize your skin for a dramatic, anti-aging effect that will restore confidence and help you love the skin you’re in.


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