June 20, 2021

What Not to Do After JUVÉDERM®

JUVÉDERM® is a collection of fillers designed to fill, lift, and plump many areas of the face and hands to enhance your appearance. These injectables are quick and easy to obtain; however, there are a few things that you should not do after undergoing your JUVÉDERM® injectable treatment to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

women smiling

Do Not Sleep Right Away

It is important that you do not sleep for three-to-four hours after your JUVÉDERM® injectable treatment. This can help to prevent the substance from going into other areas that it should not. There will also be less of a chance that you will rub your eyes and face, which would put pressure on the injectable site. It is recommended that you stay in an upright position for a few hours after your treatment, and this includes no bending over, straining, or exercise, as well.

Avoid the Heat

Avoiding the heat from the sun, a sauna, or the stove is important because the blood vessels in the treated area may dilate and cause more bruising and bleeding. Remember to always use SPF on your skin to protect from the sun’s rays; however, it’s even more important to use SPF after your JUVÉDERM® treatment to prevent any discoloration after bruising. Keep this in mind until all the swelling and bruising subsides.

Do Not Drink From a Straw

If you underwent a JUVÉDERM® treatment for your lips, it is very important that you avoid using a straw for at least two weeks. Drinking from a straw will put unnecessary pressure on your lips and may cause some unwanted discomfort.

These are just some of the “Do Nots” that you should follow after your JUVÉDERM® treatment. After meeting with Dr. Tchelebi at Park Avenue Medical Spa during your consultation, you will be given pre-and-post treatment instructions that should be followed to obtain optimal results.

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