The New Line of CoolSculpting Applicators

The New Line of CoolSculpting Applicators

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The New Line of CoolSculpting Applicators


The days of needing expensive and painful surgery to eliminate excessive body fat are over, thanks to CoolSculpting and the great line of CoolSculpting applicators. The new state-of-the-art method is not only innovative, but extremely efficient. In addition, the technique leaves no scars since there is no surgery and requires no downtime. Treatment time has been reduced dramatically with the addition of the COOLPETITE Advantage, COOLFIT Advantage, COOLCORE Advantage, COOLCURVE+ Advantage, COOLCURVE ADVANTAGE™ PLUS, COOLCORE ADVANTAGE™ PLUS and CoolMini applicators.

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CoolSculpting is now more effective, safer, and faster than ever with these new CoolSculpting applicators.

The New Line of CoolSculpting Applicators



The latest addition from Zeltiq in the world of CoolSculpting is the COOLPETITE Advantage applicator. This CoolSculpting applicator allows for smaller fat deposits to be targeted with precision and accuracy and is expressly configured to target fat located in the upper arms. Small pockets of fat in the knees, thighs and arms are no match for this effective fatty tissue removing tool, as well. Banana rolls, bra bulges and fat in other areas, are frozen away effectively with this pioneering applicator.

COOLPETITE Benefits include:

  • Targets stubborn upper arm fat
  • Less bruising and reduced post treatment discomfort
  • More cost-effective
  • Faster treatment time
  • Fat is targeted with pinpoint precision.
  • Conforms to countless body shapes, sizes and areas.

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Stubborn fat is no match for the COOLFIT Advantage CoolSculpting applicator. With its new design, bulging areas in your body are targeted with extreme efficiency. Vertical and upper protrusive regions located within inner thighs are reduced. By freezing them with proficiency, the COOLFIT Advantage applicator reduces the amount of treatment time by almost 50 percent!


  •         Inner thigh fat reduction. Great for patients who desire ‘thigh gaps.’
  •         Patients report more comfortable treatments.
  •         Bulging areas frozen and reduced safely and effectively.



Fat that is unyielding in the abdomen areas can no longer hide from the COOLCORE Advantage applicator. This CoolSculpting applicator is renowned for its ability to reduce belly fat and contour the abdomen region, ideal for sculpting the abs you always dreamed of.


  •         Easy and fast fat reduction in belly area.
  •         Most commonly used CoolSculpting Applicator
  •         Sessions take about 35 minutes.



People with narrow body frames can still have certain zones of their bodies with resolute fat. This is why the COOLCURVE+ Advantage applicator has been distinctively fashioned for them. Curved beautifully, the layout on the COOLCURVE+ is able to pinpoint and target love handles, banana rolls, bra line and flanks areas. You also obtain:


  •         The reduction of unsightly love handles.
  •         Problem areas in your body can be sculpted easier and faster.
  •         Eliminates the need for expensive and invasive surgery.



Belly Hangover can cause major headaches for many individuals. But, the COOLCURVE ADVANTAGE™ PLUS CoolSculpting applicator is able to target these problematic areas with precision. The 5 star applicator is one of the largest out of all seven CoolSculpting applicators in the CoolAdvantage line. The COOLCURVE ADVANTAGE PLUS is uniquely designed to target bigger flabby tissue parts in the body. The improved Max applicator is new and allows fat to be frozen quickly and effectively. Man boobs, moobs, fat from the chest, hips and arms can be significantly reduced in less than an hour with the applicator.


  • Target Large areas·
  • Maximum fat reduction results.
  • Treatments last about 45 minutes.
  • Scalpels, stitches, and downtime from intrusive surgery are no lo longer required.



The progressive COOLCORE ADVANTAGE™ PLUS CoolSculpting applicator delivers impressive fat reduction in belly fat for patients who require and desire it. This top rated fat reduction applicator is recognized as the ‘de-bulking’ applicator. With an intricate and unique design, this CoolSculpting applicator is able to adjust to areas in the upper and lower abdomen. Once the de-bulking CoolSculpting applicator is used,  another applicator may be utilized to sculpt the body accordingly.


  •         Less time required for de-bulking belly and other areas in the body.
  •         One of the largest applicators on the line.
  •         Ability to target large parts of fat with extreme precision.



Although the CoolMini is the smallest of the new CoolSculpting applicators, its efficiency is still unparalleled. The applicator is perfect for reaching and diminishing fat in double chins, targeting submental fullness with precision for diminution. Best of all, the CoolMini was recently cleared by the FDA to improve the appearance of skin laxity.

COOLMINI™ Benefits

  • Double chin solution which is cost-effective.
  • No injections or surgery
  • Improvement in Skin laxity
  • Fast treatment time; about 35 minutes.
  • Transforms your double chin into the look you always desired.
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