March 4, 2018

CoolSculpting at Home Does Not Work. Here’s Why

A women holding ice in the hand

Anyone searching the internet to learn more about freezing away fat is sure to come across a blog or video promoting DIY CoolSculpting. Individuals promoting the concept of performing CoolSculpting at home hope their ice pack hacks will produce the same impressive results seen in countless CoolSculpting before and after pictures, but at a fraction of the price.

But can you really freeze your fat with ice packs? Find out if CoolSculpting at home actually works and most importantly, if DIY CoolSculpting is safe.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Summed up, CoolSculpting chills fat by exposing stubborn bulges to precisely controlled cooling. But don’t let this simple explanation fool you into thinking that the CoolSculpting treatment is a simple procedure. Years of scientific research and development, led by Harvard scientists developed the highly sophisticated process known as Cryolipolysis that makes CoolSculpting possible. CoolSculpting is more than freezing away fat, in fact, when you get down to the scientific details, CoolSculpting doesn’t actually freeze fat. It chills fat cells at a very specific temperature, between 39 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It sustains this temperature for an allotted amount of time. Exposing fat to a consistently cool temperature causes fat cells to rupture, not freeze. This triggers apoptosis or signaled cell death. Once the disabled fat cells undergo apoptosis, the body flags these cells to be collected and processed out of the body via the lymphatic system.

In order to expose the bulk of fat cells to controlled cooling, a gentle vacuum mechanism gently suctions the bulge (such as belly fat) up into the applicator. This draws subcutaneous fat cells to the surface and keeps them there for the duration of the cooling cycle.

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Why CoolSculpting at Home Does Not Work

Walking around with ice packs on your stomach all day will not mimic the results of an actual CoolSculpting treatment. Ice packs cannot effectively chill your fat for multiple reasons:

  • Ice packs cannot maintain a consistently cold temperature. Body heat transfers to the ice and the temperature of the pack gets warmer and warmer.
  • Unlike real CoolSculpting treatments that protect the skin with proprietary gel pads and built-in safety mechanisms, ice packs will freeze your skin long before it freezes your fat.

CoolSculpting at Home Lacks a Vacuum Mechanism

The suction that draws tissue up into the applicator is a fundamental part of cryolipolysis. Without suction drawing fat cells to the surface, those fat cells would move away from the source of cold and migrate inwards, where it is warmer. Suctioning tissue up into the applicator not only draws fat cells to the surface, it allows the cooling plates within the applicator to expose the fat bulge to controlled cooling from numerous angles.

CoolSculpting at Home Is Dangerous

Like any other medical procedure, CoolSculpting should only be performed by an extensively trained and officially certified professional. With the expertise of a certified CoolSculpting specialist, the advanced technology of the CoolSculpting machine, and accompanying safety mechanisms, people can severely injure themselves by trying to freeze their fat at home.

As the trend for attempting CoolSculpting at home gains traction on the internet, hospitals are reporting more cases of self-inflicted frostbite caused by DIY CoolSculpting. To raise awareness of this dangerous trend, The Journal of Wound Care published a case study of “a 55-year-old woman who suffered frostbite while attempting a ‘do-it-yourself’ version of cryolipolysis.” This misinformed woman caused “full thickness wounds” when she kept ice packs on her abdomen in a misguided attempt at CoolSculpting at home. The Journal of Wound Care concludes, “This case illustrates how online information of dubious quality can put the uneducated patient at risk of injury.”

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