June 22, 2016

Shrinking Enlarged Pores: The Road to Flawless Skin

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Park Avenue Medical Spa remains one of the few centers in New York, and Westchester with an impressive experience in skin care treatment. Our focus has been on improving the appearance the skin from the young acneic to the aging skin. Very often I consult women or men with problem skin, enlarged pores, or acne who have consulted many dermatologists or other skin care professionals but never had a proper skin evaluation or treatment. A home care treatment to include topical and systemic therapy is only one part of this complex therapy.

Recently I came across an article discussing facial pores, the definitions and treatments and I decided to share it with you since beautiful, radiant skin starts with treatment of your pores.

What Are Facial Pores?

What really is the pore? Well it is simply the opening of the pilosebaceous follicle. They generally measure .02mm in diameter but can be as large as .3-.6 mm, the so called “blackhead embedded skin pores”.

What Causes Enlarged Pores?

Possible causes for enlarged pores are primarily related to excessive sebum production, genetic predisposition, sex, acne, or seborrhoea. There is unquestionably a direct relationship between the sebum output and pore size. The sebum secretion is generally increased during ovulation showing a clear hormonal dependence. Hormonal changes can trigger increased sebum production and acneic outbreaks.

Generally, we see larger pores on the nose, cheeks, and the so called T-zone, clearly related to the areas of increased sebum secretion.

Pore size is associated with age as well. Matrix proteins decrease with age and photoaging. Such loss results in decrease dermal integrity and perifollicular structural support which in turn leads to skin fragility, increased pore size and sagging seen with advanced age.

In summary enlarged facial pores are related to high sebum production, decreased elasticity around the pores, and increased hair follicle volume. Other causes include, recurrent acne, sex hormone imbalances, poor skin care habits, or improper skin care regimens and sun exposure.

How to Shrink Pores?

The first step however should always be a good pore cleaning. This treatment must be performed by trained medical aestheticians and will require a few steps to assure there will be no inflammation or infection which will result in scarring. You cannot achieve good results without proper cleaning of the follicle to express the sebum, and “black heads” (this term is used for dried out old sebum which clogs the pore.) Once we ensure that cleaning is done regularly we will recommend a skin care program to include products which are known to decrease sebum production, like retinoids. Hormonal therapies may be indicated where there is also excessive androgenic activity. Spironolactone alone or in combination with oral contraceptives may be necessary.

IPL therapy, Blue Light with or without aminolevulinic acid can decrease sebaceous glands and decrease pore size.

Skin elasticity can be improved with non ablative or ablative RF microneedling devices.

Hair removal is another way of reducing pore volume mostly in those individuals with thick, coarse hairs.

Botulin toxin in intradermal injections is also used to decrease sebum production and pore size.

In conclusion, proper facial cleaning combined with proper skin care, laser therapy or systemic medication (if indicated) will give you clear, smooth skin.

For more information, please see us in consultation and we can discuss all the options available for you