December 20, 2021

Skin Tightening With Venus Legacy™

Do you ever find yourself wishing for the youthful skin you used to have? Well, Park Avenue Medical Spa can make that hope a reality. Achieving the youthful skin tightness and contour of your past can be possible with Venus Legacy™.

a woman in bikini dress

What Is Venus Legacy™?

Venus Legacy™ is a non-surgical treatment that combines the power of radiofrequency, magnetic pulse therapy, and VariPulse™ technology to tighten the skin. Venus Legacy™ works on all skin types and colors year-round, so whether you have a glowing summer tan or pale winter skin, this treatment is for you. The tissues of your skin will be heated, which causes the skin to contract and tighten. The Venus Legacy™ process stimulates collagen to produce lifted and tightened skin for a more youthful, toned appearance.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

For skin tightening of the face and body, four to eight treatments are typically scheduled two to three weeks apart, depending on the level of correction needed. It is recommended that you undergo maintenance treatments approximately four to six months after your Venus Legacy™ skin tightening treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Venus Legacy™ Treatment?

This non-surgical treatment is used to tighten loose, sagging skin on multiple areas of the body. Venus Legacy™ can reduce the appearance of cellulite, achieve smoother and thinner thighs, contour and lift the buttocks, and flatten the abdominal area. Additionally, it can tighten the skin in the upper arms, giving them a more toned appearance. The rejuvenating treatment can also be used on the face to restore a youthful appearance around the eyes and in the cheekbone areas of the face.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin can really boost your confidence. Because this treatment is non-surgical and does not require any downtime, it is the perfect option for all-year contouring and skin tightening for anyone.

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