February 8, 2016

Temple Volumization

Girl touching her face

Temple Volumization: Look Younger

One of the earliest signs of aging is volume loss at the temple. This process will cause a displacement of the lateral aspect of the brow inferiorly and often a hollowness in the temporal region. There are several types of fillers which are used successfully to correct this area.Most of the facial fillers utilized will not cause any untoward effects provided the injector is very familiar with the anatomy and properties of the fillers. The temporal fossa contains multiple layers as well as nerves and vessels. More serious complications , like blindness, can occur if the dermal fillers are injected by an inexperienced injector. Care has to given to the delineation of all the vital structures and proper positioning of the needle away from the major vessels and nerves.  With appropriate placement of the fillers only very mild and transient complications may occur, like bruising, prominence of the superficial vessels, headache or tenderness.Some of the most common fillers are those with higher viscosity. Juvederm Ultra Plus, Radiesse and Scupltra are used routinely and injected with 27g, 25g needle or a cannula to avoid complications. The filler is placed in the periosteal space. Aspiration prior to injections will avoid an intravascular injection. Prior to injections patients must avoid aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ginko, or fish oil. It is always a good idea to discuss any medications or supplements being taken with the medical professional administering injectables.Hollowing of the temple is a sign of early aging and once corrected will significantly improve facial contours and restore youthfulness of the one’s face.