TEOSYAL® RHA®: Move Free and Look Natural

TEOSYAL® RHA®: Move Free and Look Natural

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There are many different facial fillers on the market, and it can be difficult to choose the one best suited for your skin. They all seem to do the same thing: lift, plump, smooth, etc., but there is a new filler on the market that does all these things while moving along with your facial expressions to make you look as natural as possible.

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TEOSYAL® RHA® is the first resilient hyaluronic acid filler designed to move with your facial expressions and not clump together in one section, which can sometimes make you appear too stiff. TEOSYAL® RHA® contains just enough high strength and high stretch properties to resemble the natural hyaluronic acid found in your skin; this results in a smoother, plumper facial appearance.

What Can I Expect From TEOSYAL® RHA®?

Patients can expect to fill the lines and wrinkles made from repeated facial expressions. Additionally, patients can expect to have natural-looking results due to the flexible properties of the filler and added volume in the treatment area. This filler is one-of-a-kind and is a game-changer for hyaluronic acid treatments.

What Are the Different Levels of the RHA® Collection?

There are four levels of the TEOSYAL® RHA® Collection. Each level is designed to meet your unique facial needs to achieve smoother, plumper skin.

  • RHA® 1: Treats fine lines and wrinkles in the face, neck, and décolleté
  • RHA® 2: Treats the area around the upper regions of your face (forehead and crow’s feet), which usually have moderate wrinkles and lines
  • RHA® 3: Treats the area around your lips and mouth, which usually has moderate wrinkles and lines
  • RHA® 4: Treats wrinkles and folds by adding volume to those areas

Is TEOSYAL® RHA® the Right Filler for Me?

Schedule your consultation to find out if TEOSYAL® RHA® is the right filler for you. Dr. Tchelebi will explain the process and benefits of each filler to determine which one would be the best for your present needs.

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