May 8, 2024

Top 5 Surprising Myths About Weight Loss Injections

Are you considering weight loss injections for your next body-shaping journey but are not sure what to expect of them? That’s a problem that many people seem to have. With all the talk about the magic weight loss injections, you may want to know more about their benefits. 

Clearing the myths and misconceptions can often set you on the path toward success. Once the myths are “busted,” you can prevent yourself from making the same mistakes that other people do. In this blog, you will learn some of the most common myths about this treatment so you can easily reach the end of your weight loss journey.

What Are Weight Loss Injections?

As their name suggests, weight loss injections are treatments administered via injections to help you lose weight. The weight loss mechanism varies from one treatment to another, but for the most part, they are based on semaglutide.

These types of injections primarily help curb your appetite, but they also keep your stomach from emptying too fast. This way, you should no longer feel tempted to eat as much, eventually losing weight.

Common Misconceptions of Weight Loss Injections

Knowing all the facts is essential before starting any weight loss treatment. Below are some common myths about these injections, which we have debunked:

1. You Don’t Need to Exercise to Lose Weight

One thing that people seem to think about weight loss injections is that they are some sort of “magic treatment.” While they can indeed show some effect even without dieting and exercising, they were only meant to act as an aid. You should balance the injections with diets and exercise to make the most of your weight loss journey.

2. Diets Are No Longer Necessary for Weight Loss Injections

Technically speaking, weight loss injections prevent you from eating more than you should. That said, since your stomach takes longer to get rid of the food, it can lead to gastrointestinal effects. Think about that feeling you get when you are full but decide to eat more – you likely get nauseated and feel like you’ve had too much. Holding onto a diet is recommended, as it controls stomach issues and potential side effects. Plus, diets typically give you the proper nutrients your body needs!

3. Only Severely Obese People Can Use Them

While the majority of people who use weight loss injections have a BMI of over 30, it doesn’t mean that you have to be obese to get them. You could just be overweight with a BMI of 27, but you have one or more weight-related conditions (e.g., high blood pressure). In this case, weight loss injections can be very effective in bringing you to a healthy weight.

4. They Can Take the Weight Off Permanently

Weight loss injections are as permanent as a couple of months or years at the gym: once you let yourself “go,” excess fat can always return. To maintain the best result for a longer term, committing to a couple of lifestyle changes is recommended. While you don’t have to spend every waking moment at the gym and only eat diet food daily, it’s a good idea to strike a balance. You could also go for some fat reduction treatments now and again if you need any added help.

5. Weight Loss Injections Work the Same for Everyone 

With weight loss injections taking over the black market at a concerning rate, many seem to believe the injections work the same for everyone. However, the truth is that things such as your body composition, lifestyle, and eating habits can determine the dosage. Similarly, certain conditions, such as thyroid disease, can complicate things, so consultation is recommended. 

Bottom Line: Truth Among Myths

There are plenty of misconceptions about weight loss injections, but this is the truth: when used correctly, they can be an ally. Once you find out everything there is to expect from weight loss injections, you can bring yourself several steps closer to your goals. Set an appointment with Park Avenue Medical Spa and learn how to do that!

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