June 5, 2024

Maximizing Your Sofwave™ Results – What Can You Expect After the Treatment?

Long-lasting skin radiance can sometimes be challenging to obtain naturally, especially as your body’s ability to produce collagen drops with age. Starting in your 30s, sagging can occur, as the skin is naturally depleted of its structure annually. That said, the same collagen production can be triggered with the right strategy, Sofwave™ being a reliable ally in this case.

Still, what exactly can you expect from the results, and how can you make them last for as long as possible? While Sofwave™ treatments can bring beautiful effects regardless, the proper aftercare can help you maximize them. In this blog, you will learn more about the results you can expect from this procedure and tips on how to make them last. 

What Is Sofwave™?

Sofwave™ is a non-invasive treatment that can address skin laxity issues on all skin types. Using advanced ultrasound that delivers high-frequency power at 1.5mm depth, the treatment sends warmth into the dermis and activates the skin’s healing system. Once that happens, a new production of elastin and collagen is started, improving firmness and elasticity.

Sofwave™ also uses special cooling technology to protect the upper skin layer, making it suitable even for darker skin tones. This way, you can get an effective deep treatment without damaging the surrounding tissue. 

When to Expect Results

Rather than artificially using chemical solutions to add texture or surgery to cut away the excess, Sofwave™ uses your body’s ability to heal itself. This means that while the results won’t be visible immediately, the body will already be working by the time you exit the office. 

Collagen synthesis improves by 480 percent on the second day of an injury and 860 percent by the time the 7th day passes. While controlled and dealing minimal damage, it still signals your body that it is time to heal. After three to four weeks, enough collagen should be produced so that you can notice significant changes. 

These results will only improve over time, and in two to three months, you should expect your final look. If you have wrinkles or skin sagging, Sofwave™ can combat the signs of aging and offer benefits similar to a facelift. These effects can last up to one year or more, depending on the quality of your skin. 

How to Improve Results from Sofwave™ Treatments

After the Sofwave™ procedure, providing short-term and long-term care for your skin is essential. The following tips can help you keep the results for a longer time:

1. Follow Post-Care Instructions

Your skin is very sensitive right after the treatment, and the wrong aftercare can compromise the effects. Ideally, you should follow the post-procedure protocol Dr. Anca Tchelebi set up for you. Make sure to hydrate yourself plenty and stay away from irritants. Avoid UV rays, makeup, and abrasive skincare, and let the skin breathe for two to three days, wearing only a lightweight moisturizer. 

2. Wear Sunblock 

UV rays can deform and permanently damage the elastic fibers in your skin, i.e., the collagen and elastin. As your purpose for getting Sofwave™ is to increase that composition, it’s necessary to protect the skin against the sun. So, regardless of the season, make sure that you are wearing at least 30 SPF sunblock.

3. Get Maintenance

The Sofwave™ treatment can help increase collagen production, but the results are not indefinite. Eventually, as you continue to age, the body will return to its natural state before the treatment. To maintain the effects for as long as possible, you should consider getting yearly Sofwave™ treatments. If your skin sagging is mild to moderate, regular sessions can keep the collagen and elastin production last longer. 

Get Your Sofwave™ Treatment Today!

A Sofwave™ treatment can effectively improve the quality of your skin, tightening it to provide a more youthful look. If your skin is properly taken care of after the treatment, these results can last a long time. Contact Park Avenue Medical Spa today and schedule your appointment for a Sofwave™ treatment!

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