December 24, 2014

New Research in Acne Treatment Will Increase Results and Tolerability

acne in face
before and after

New research in acne treatment indicates that the antioxidant Resveratrol (Skinceuticals) inhibits the bacteria responsible for the acne breakouts.

When combined with benzoyl peroxide it enhances the bacteria-killing ability of the drug.

Resveratrol and Benzoyl Peroxide

acne wash
resveratrol supplement

The  two products, Resveratrol and Benzoyl Peroxide added to cultures of skin cells and blood cells showed a sustained bacterial growth inhibition. The fact that the antioxidant seams to prolong the activity of the benzoyl peroxide will allow us to decrease the dose of the oxidant and minimize skin cell toxicity since Benzoyl peroxide is poorly tolerated by some patients because of severe irritation and dryness.

Combining the two compounds when treating acne, helps us achieve sustained antibacterial activity and reduced side effects.

Anca Tchelebi, M.D.