July 7, 2014

Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss

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Female pattern hair loss remains a challenging diagnosis, even with today’s advances in medical technology. More challenging still is the treatment.

Before starting any procedures, it is crucial to rule out all other causes of hair loss. Patients must undergo a thorough evaluation, including laboratory blood work, to evaluate all levels of hormones, vitamin D, ferritin, as well as Zinc, folate, B12 and Mercury.

Women that have undergone Brazilian hair straightening treatments can suffer from severe hair loss caused by the ingredients in the products used for this procedure.

Topical treatments include minoxidil with a concentration of at least 5%. Recent studies indicate that the addition of topical steroids will improve results because there is often an inflammatory condition associated with hair loss.

Spironolactone is a diuretic but also has anti-androgenic activity which blocks the androgen receptors present in the scalp. This will prevent the process of miniaturization on the follicle.

Other drugs which have shown good results include Duasteride and Birth Control Pills such as Yaz and Yasmin. Low level laser has also been used successfully in this condition.

Proper diagnosis of female pattern hair loss is the first step in the successful treatment of this condition. Please call us at (914) 730-2005 to schedule a hair loss consultation with Dr. Tchelebi.