September 5, 2022

Reduce Your Chin Fat and Increase Your Selfie Game!

A double chin can really change the appearance of someone’s face, and it can also be a cause of some self-esteem issues. In the age of the internet with Zoom meetings, FaceTime, and all things social media, it can really be tough to fully participate in these aspects of normal life when you’re worried about your appearance and if your double chin is noticeable. Look no further! At Park Avenue Medical Spa, we offer two different options to reduce your submental fullness and have your chin looking slimmer and more contoured than ever before!

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CoolSculpting® Elite

CoolSculpting® Elite is an FDA-approved treatment that is designed to reduce stubborn, unwanted fat in the treatment area. While CoolSculpting® Elite can treat nine different areas of the body, one of the most important areas is the chin. This fat-freezing treatment exposes fat cells to cold temperatures using state-of-the-art cooling panels, which freezes the fat and kills the cells without harming the skin or surrounding tissues. This process could take one to two sessions, depending on the amount of treatment needed. During your personalized consultation with Dr. Tchelebi, she will be able to determine the number of CoolSculpting® Elite treatments needed for you to achieve the results you desire.

The Benefits of CoolSculpting® Elite

  • Quick and simple
  • Non-surgical
  • Long-lasting results


KYBELLA® is a minimally invasive, FDA-approved treatment that uses a synthetic deoxycholic acid that helps break down dietary fats. This treatment is injected directly into the chin at several different entry points. The process takes about 20 minutes to complete, and patients may require up to six treatment sessions total to achieve the contoured chin they’re dreaming of.

The Benefits of KYBELLA®

  • Safe and gentle
  • Alternative to surgical liposuction
  • Long-lasting results

Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin!

With both CoolSculpting® Elite and KYBELLA®, the results appear over time. The destroyed fat cells are naturally metabolized and eliminated from the body, revealing your new contour. Although the fat is gone, patients still need to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising. Patients who undergo CoolSculpting® Elite or KYBELLA® to eliminate their double chin will enjoy a smooth, contoured neck and chin area. Proudly and confidently show off your look with unlimited selfies and FaceTime chats!

To learn more about CoolSculpting® and KYBELLA® and to schedule a consultation, please contact us online or call Park Avenue Medical Spa at 914-266-3539.