Top 3 Tips for Anti-Aging

Top 3 Tips for Anti-Aging

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woman beautiful skinThere is no “right age” to begin taking care of your skin, but even though wrinkles may not appear in your teens and early 20s, it is during that time that the skin starts to become damaged as a result of poor habits. The effects of aging start to show in the following years, at which point many patients need professional treatment, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or skin tightening, to achieve a rejuvenated appearance. However, it is always easier to obtain and maintain good results by preventing aging rather than attempting to turn back the clock after age has taken its toll on your appearance.

At-Home Anti-Aging Practices

#1 Consume a Balanced Diet

Skin is our largest organ, so it is essential to eat nutritious foods to keep it healthy. Consuming a balanced diet that is low in sugars and carbohydrates is ideal for optimal skin health. Consistently eating foods rich in protein, good fats, vegetables, and fruits can help your skin stay soft and radiant for many years.

#2 Maintain Adequate Hydration

Drinking lots of water every day as well as staying active can have a positive impact on the quality of your skin. Adequate hydration keeps the skin plump, smooth, and bright. Reducing alcohol intake will also contribute to maintaining a youthful appearance.

#3 Implement Proper Skin Care

At Park Avenue Medical Spa, we recommend using skin care products that contain vitamin C, as antioxidants fight environmental damage.
SkinCeuticals products containing vitamin C are designed to reduce redness, and poor pigmentation. Adding hyaluronic acid and sunscreen should always be a part of your daily routine.


Professional Anti-Aging Treatments

woman injectables treatmentMany are familiar with how professional anti-aging methods can address visible signs of aging. However, some may not know that having certain treatments can be preventative as soon as fine lines appear on the skin. For example, scheduling BOTOX® Cosmetic appointments every four to six months over a prolonged period can prevent the development of static creases in the treated areas. Patients who take a proactive approach to facial aging often have fewer cosmetic issues to correct than if they had not undergone early treatment. Once the face has begun to age, dermal fillers can produce long-lasting improvement with annual touch-ups.

Starting Your Journey to Beautiful Skin

Do not wait until you reach a certain age to find a skincare option that is right for you. If you are considering professional anti-aging treatment, it is crucial to schedule a consultation with an experienced aesthetic physician who specializes in skin care. As a trained oncologist, Dr. Tchelebi is continuously researching treatments before introducing them to her Armonk practice to ensure patients receive high-quality care, safe and lasting results. She will assess your condition, concerns, and objectives to devise a facial rejuvenation treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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