February 1, 2014

Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

Hair loss is a common condition in middle aged men and women. The most common cause is hormonal and affects about 50% of the population. The exact type of hair loss can only be determined after careful examination.

There are many novel treatments and can be successfully applied only if you were properly diagnosed.

Causes other than androgenic alopecia are anagen effluvium which includes alopecia areata and chemotherapy. Telogen effluvium is seen in cases of severe stress like, surgery, weight loss, thyroid abnormalities, hormonal causes (pregnancy, birth control pills).
In most cases it is important to obtain certain blood tests.

There are medical and surgical treatments.

The medical treatment can include topical and oral medication like finasteride, spironolactone or flutamide.
These treatments can achieve a decrease in shedding and sometimes even regrowth.

Several methods of hair restoration are now available for eligible patients.

Neograft is one of the most advanced, highly effective techniques, with minimal down time.

The Neograft system uses pneumatic pressure to extract the hair follicles without damaging them. The follicles are removed intact, with just a smooth core of tissue protecting them. These follicles are immediately transplanted to the selected area on the scalp.
With this automated procedure we can now average 2000 follicles per session, while with the manual technique we were only able to graft 500 to 700 per session.
The procedure is well tolerated and extremely efficient. There are no obvious surgical scars and post procedure you can chose any hair style you desire.

I have been introduced to this automated system in Paris at the European Meetings on Aesthetic Medicine several years ago and decided to train on this revolutionary new method of hair restoration. Once it became available in the US .

We are now into second year of operation and implanted both men and women successfully.

It really works, you will regain your natural full head of hair in no time.