Treatment Guide for Helpful Service Selection

There are so many aesthetic enhancement services available to men and women, but sometimes it can be so hard to choose the right one for you. You may find yourself looking in the mirror and seeing scars, wrinkles, dark circles under your [...]

New Year, New You, New Booty

The year is ending and there are so many things to look forward to! A new year brings resolutions—some that you actually follow through with, and others that you let drift away into the distance with a faint memory of actually having that [...]

Life After Your PDO Thread Lift

Lifting your skin to new heights is a huge relief and a life-changing experience. You can finally look as young as you feel! But now, how do you resume life after your PDO thread? At Park Avenue Medical Spa, we can help set you up for [...]

Why Should Men Consider PRP Therapy for Hair Loss?

As we age, our bodies go through so many different changes like weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, hair loss, and more. All of these changes to our bodies can really start to throw us into a funk. But, what if we told you there was [...]

What Should I Know About NeoGraft®?

Hair loss can truly have a negative and significant impact on your self-esteem. It is something that both men and women may experience in their lifetime, but thankfully, there are ways to combat this issue. Hair restoration with NeoGraft® [...]

Lift Your Self-Esteem With PDO Threads

A loss of collagen and elastin is something that happens to everyone as they age. Your once smooth, supple, tight skin is now sagging just a little bit and isn’t as full as it once was. At Park Avenue Medical Spa, we offer patients the [...]

Does Sculptra® Aesthetic Really Work for a Butt Lift?

A small, flat backside that doesn’t fill out shorts, dresses, or bathing suits is a woman’s nightmare (sometimes). Always wondering what people are thinking as you walk by or turn sideways is no way to live. At Park Avenue Medical Spa, we [...]

Prepping for Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

You’ve made the decision to get laser hair removal treatments, that’s great! Congratulations! No more impromptu weekend getaways or beach days to shy away from just because you forgot (or didn’t have time) to shave! It seems like a pretty [...]

Reduce Your Chin Fat and Increase Your Selfie Game!

A double chin can really change the appearance of someone’s face, and it can also be a cause of some self-esteem issues. In the age of the internet with Zoom meetings, FaceTime, and all things social media, it can really be tough to fully [...]

3 Things to Avoid After Your Silhouette InstaLift®

So, you’ve undergone the minimally invasive Silhouette InstaLift® that redefines your facial appearance for a younger, more contoured look. Now what? Of course there are certain things that you should and shouldn’t do that will alter the [...]

Look Younger With Forma™ Skin Tightening

Over time, our skin begins to droop and sag, making us appear much older than we truly are. You can try some of the skin tightening creams that may or may not work or you can just skip that step altogether and come see us! At Park Avenue [...]

What Are the Benefits of Morpheus8?

Loose and sagging skin along with skin imperfections, like wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage, can cause many men and women to feel self-conscious and embarrassed about their appearances. Some people even try to cover their skin issues in [...]

The Healing Benefits of Fractora™ RF Microneedling

The body is miraculous—it heals itself! Men and women are exposed to so many environmental factors throughout their lives, and over time, everything just starts to wither away and become damaged . . . or a lesser version of itself. Park [...]

Fotona® SP Dynamis: A One-Stop Shop for All Things Aesthetics!

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and just picking yourself apart? Well, first of all. Stop! You’re beautiful! Secondly, if you just want subtle improvements to enhance your natural appearance, then come to Park Avenue Medical Spa. [...]


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