October 10, 2017

IPL Photofacial Westchester: The Best Freckle Treatment Available

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Freckles have always known mixed reception. Some see them as flaws that mar the complexion; others think of them with exotic appeal and find freckles that dot the skin as beautiful. Those who lack enthusiasm for these little sun kisses, often score the internet for how to get rid of freckles, finding everything from bleaching the skin with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to skin creams promising to get rid of wrinkles.

Can You Really Get Rid of Freckles?

It may not be possible to completely and permanently get rid of freckles, but there are definitely professional treatments that can significantly diminish the appearance of freckles. And these treatments work much more effectively than any DIY freckle remover you might concoct at home.

Photofacials using intense pulsed light (IPL,) also known as Broad Band Light (BBL) treatments are one of the most effective ways of dealing with freckles.

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Professional skin care treatments using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL,) often referred to as Photofacials, offer a very effective solution for diminishing the appearance of freckles.

What Causes Freckles?

To understand why leading Photofacial Westchester providers recommend IPL treatments to their patients who do not like their freckles, it’s important to understand what causes freckles to form in the first place.

Freckles are a type of sun damage. They occur when UV radiation triggers skin cells called Melanocytes to produce more melanin (the pigment that gives our skin its color and is used by the body to absorb harmful UV rays.) The over production of melanin causes a build of the pigment below the skin, creating a brown spot known as a freckle.

Are Freckles Genetic?

Freckles themselves are caused by an extrinsic factor, the sun, but our propensity to get freckles is influenced by our genetic makeup. Individuals with Northern European descent, such as Irish or Scandinavian, with light or pale skin, are more likely to get freckles. These freckles are most commonly accumulated on the face and arms but can appear anywhere on the body. Typically freckles are brown to reddish brown in color and can fade in intensity during the winter. Similarly, freckles may become darker and more noticeable in the summer, due to more sun exposure.

Photofacial Westchester: Will IPL Therapy Diminish My Freckles?

Photofacials that use IPL technology are one of the best freckle treatments available. They are clinically proven and supported by impressive Photofacial before and after pics showing how a Photofacial can dramatically lighten freckles.

How Does a Photo Facial Work?

Photofacials utilize a specific wavelength of light that is specifically calibrated to target the hue of your freckles. The light is then emitted in pulses to avoid harming the surrounding skin and to ensure the patient is comfortable during the Photofacial treatment. The light from the Photofacial passes through the skin and is absorbed by the cells with the brown melanin. The melanin absorbs such an intense amount of light that the cell is damaged by the thermal energy. The damaged cells are fragmented and begin to break apart, triggering the body’s metabolic processes to absorb the shattered pieces of the cell. After the Photofacial fragments the melanin and those pieces are absorbed the freckle is significantly diminished in appearance, if not completely vanished.

Freckle treatment using IPL Photofacials can be repeated several times to achieve the most optimal results possible. While individual experiences may vary, Most patients see results after their first treatment and are typically fully satisfied after 3 to 5 photo facial treatments.*

Although the term Photofacials may allude that the IPL treatment is isolated to the face region, photofacials can diminish freckles from the neck, chest, and even the hands. Photofacials are not just for diminishing freckles. The specific wavelength of light that is emitted may be customized to target other types of sun damage, such as sun spots, and even skin issues that are not caused by UV exposure such as red spots, rosacea, melasma, and other types of hyperpigmentation.

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