January 29, 2019

Microneedling: Is It Safe? More Importantly Does It Hurt?

You may be wondering, how on earth does the microneedling phenomenon work? Is it safe to have so many needles that close to your face? And is this something worth trying for yourself? Let’s find out!

A women getting a microneedling treatment

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is like a more intensive facial that keeps your skin glowing brighter and longer. And it just might be the quickest and probably easiest way for you to get more youthful looking skin, but it does involve tiny needles puncturing your skin. Yikes? Honestly though, it’s not as scary as it seems.

Here’s what the microneedling treatment looks like:
There’s a microneedling tool with tiny needles that range from the sizes of 0.5-2.5 millimeters.There are two different types of tools, derma roller or derma pen stamping tool. What the needles do is penetrate through the superficial layer of your skin, or outer top layer, and open up channels through which peptides and antioxidants can enter more deeply. When the tiny needles prick the microscopic holes in your skin, it in effect triggers your skin into creating more collagen; your skin goes into healing mode and treats the small wounds as it would treat any other wound. So, as a result of the collagen stimulation, your skin ends up becoming thicker, the textures improves, and your skin starts to look smoother overall.
Besides rejuvenating your skin, microneedling can:
– Treat scarring from acne and pock marks
– Thicken skin
– Smooth out stretch marks
– Reduce hyperpigmentation

What Areas of the Body Can I Get Microneedling Done?

Did you know that microneedling is not just for your face? You can get microneedling done on any part of your body where your skin needs to be thickened or smoothed. This includes the other areas such as the parts that have, imperfections, fine lines, stretch marks, including your legs, chest, or butt.


Stretchmarks are a type of permanent dermal scarring on your skin, and usually those are the areas on your body that often have thinner skin. What microneedling does for your stretchmarks is encourage collagen production. The increased collagen will then give more structure to your skin and frim out that area where the stretchmarks once were. As a result, your skin will be vibrant and glowing once more.

Neck, Decollete & Hands

Microneedling is effective in treating the wrinkles on the neck and hands, as well as sun damaged skin that can occur in those areas, especially around the decollete. The skin on these areas are all prone to collagen breakdown and textural irregularities. Nobody wants unsightly lines and wrinkles to ruin their appearance, microneedling in these areas will tighten the skin and give you your skin its smooth texture back.

Why Needles? Why Me?

If you have been struggling to get rid of acnes scars don’t feel confident without make-up on your face to cover up, microneedling is right for you. If you have wrinkles, crevices, and craters that you want to get rid of, microneedling makes the process to remove them much less difficult. When your scars are deeper than most and when your wrinkles have been starting to get comfortable, topical creams and over the counter medications aren’t enough – microneedling is a beneficial option for you. The needles may seem intimidating, but they are actually your friends! The needles just activate your body’s own natural healing, so your body is doing all of the work and the microneedling tool is just giving you some extra help to get the ball rolling (and the collagen flowing).

Is It Safe? And More Importantly Does It Hurt?

Believe it or not, microneedling is safe! Unlike plastic surgery, the procedure is not invasive. After the treatment, most people require hardly any downtime, if at all.
Does it hurt? – You will most likely feel some discomfort, but it is not terribly painful. When you get the treatment done professionally by your doctor or practitioner, they will apply topical comfort cream or topical numbing cream to the area where the needles will go, prior to the procedure. Most likely you may notice minor skin irritation and redness. For most people, after the treatment it may look like they have a small sunburn and that feeling usually subsides within 24 hours. But you can have faith in your skin because it works fairly quickly to heal, rejuvenate, and create new tissues, so you should see results within a week or two from your treatment. Park Avenue Medical Spa’s board certified Anca Tchelebi-Moscatello, can take care of you when you decide it’s time to come in. You can visit our office at 575 Main Street Armonk, NY 10504 and call to schedule a consultation at 914-676-8013.

So, What’s the Main…Point?

Microneedling is convenient and effective, and you will be surprised about how soft and radiant your skin will turn out to be!