April 5, 2019

Absorbable Sutures and Their Role in Facial Rejuvenation | Dr. Anca Tchelebi

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Using Absorbable Sutures in Facial Rejuvenation

Facial lifting using absorbable sutures (dissolvable stitches) has become a very attractive procedure to reduce skin laxity and reduce jowling, laugh lines or marionette’s folds.

PDO threads (Polydioxanone) were the most commonly utilized. The results in my experience have been very good, lasting anywhere from 9 months to 1 year.

Unfortunate experiences populated on the internet have given this procedure a very bad reputation. However, if performed by trained physicians and for the right candidate, this technique remains a good way to reduce unwanted facial laxity.

The Differences Between Silhouette Lift Absorbable Sutures and Pdo Threads

Silhouette Lift absorbable sutures are made of complex sugar and are different than the PDO threads which are bidirectional, and typically have 8 cones with a surface area that is 9x greater than traditional barbed suture. This gives an anchoring or parachute effect that is deep to the dermis at the retaining ligament anatomy. From an anatomical standpoint, fat is separated by the retaining ligament anatomy and should be the anchoring point to achieve a great lifting result. Placement is much more precise than with the PDO threads and more comfortable.

A study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal had blinded investigators assess 100 patients over a 7-month time frame whom on average had 5 absorbable sutures placed mainly to the midface. Results showed a 79% satisfaction with the achieved rejuvenation. Additionally, the majority of the patients (96%) found the procedure tolerable. Lifting of the midface (ideal treatment target) also provided a rejuvenation effect of the periocular area. Results with absorbable suture suspension can be nicely augmented with radiofrequency and fillers.

Does Absorbable Suture Suspension Really Work?

Absorbable suture suspension technique provides longevity via neocollagenesis and volumizing. In the study Dr. Few, indicates he has performed over 1000 cases and has achieved high patient satisfaction with retention of enhancement noted at 26 months. In fact, a 2-year evaluation of 100 patients indicated a greater than 80% satisfaction with rejuvenating results. The study showed that after 2 years after placement of absorbable sutures, some older patients (approaching 70) considered surgical enhancement, middle-aged patients (average age of 58) repeated the procedure, while younger patients (average age of 46) indicated the persistence of results.

These results confirm our observation, that this procedure is ideal for patients aged 40 to 65 years and the results are longer lasting than with the other types of suspension treatments. In older patients with moderate skin laxity, the procedure can also give satisfying results. The procedure takes only 30 minutes and there is little no discomfort. Complications are temporary and generally reduced to bruising.

Silhouette Lift is one of our popular rejuvenating treatments and can be combined with other aesthetic treatments. Please call us at 914-329-2823 for any additional information or to schedule an appointment.

About the Author:

Dr. Anca Tchelebi-Moscatello, M.D., our medical aesthetics professional is a Board-Certified Radiation Oncologist. She continues to study under leaders in the field of aesthetics to bring the newest and most innovative techniques and procedures to her patients. She is an active member of the Academy of Cosmetic Physicians, the American Academy of Medical Aesthetics, The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Academy of Mesotherapy and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.