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Silhouette InstaLift™

Silhouette InstaLift™

The cosmetic effects of aging can range from minor facial creasing to sagging skin, both of which may be attributed to depleted collagen production. Men and women who struggle with skin laxity, but who do not wish to undergo invasive surgery, may benefit from non-surgical treatment with Silhouette InstaLift™. Silhouette InstaLift™ involves the use of biodegradable sutures to transform drooping facial tissues, creating a youthful appearance without the downtime and side effects associated with surgical procedures.

Candidates for Silhouette InstaLift™

Candidates for Silhouette InstaLift™
Patients in generally good health may consider facial rejuvenation treatment with Silhouette InstaLift™ if they relate to the following concerns:

  • Mild-to-moderate drooping in the midface
  • Jowls
  • Sagging cheeks

How Silhouette InstaLift™ Works

A Silhouette InstaLift™ appointment lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and is usually performed using local anesthesia to ensure total patient comfort. Depending on the individual needs of the patient, two to four Silhouette InstaLift™ sutures may be placed on either side of the face to address specific imperfections. These advanced polymer sutures are equipped with bidirectional cones that hold the targeted tissue in a lifted position. As the resorbable threads slowly dissolve, they stimulate the production of new, healthy collagen in the treated area or areas, prolonging the effects and providing natural enhancement.


In some cases, Silhouette InstaLift™ can be performed in combination with other treatments for enhanced rejuvenation effects. For example, dermal fillers can provide facial volume, and photo rejuvenation can reveal a glowing complexion. During the initial consultation, our specialists will assess your condition to determine the ideal approach to reach your cosmetic goals.

Recovery After Silhouette InstaLift™

After a Silhouette InstaLift™ treatment, there is minimal to no downtime. Typically, patients experience minor tenderness in the treated areas, but they can comfortably return to their daily routine within 48 hours. Some patients feel well enough to resume their schedule the same day of their Silhouette InstaLift™ procedure. It is advisable to avoid strenuous activities for at least one week. Recovery time may vary from one case to another based on several factors such as individual healing time and the number of procedures performed simultaneously.

Silhouette InstaLift™ Results

Patients should notice an immediate improvement following their Silhouette InstaLift™ treatment. The rejuvenating effects of this procedure continue to improve for three to six months as the skin replenishes its stores of youthful collagen. The longevity of the results can last as long as 18 months.